Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Rain - Jung Ji Hoon
Actor/Singer/Dancer/all-round Entertainer

This man has to be the greatest artist to come out of Korea in the past 10 years.  He is a delight to watch in action on stage or screen.  His acting ability is fantastic and he can make you either laugh or cry in a matter of seconds.  Now in the army and not due to be discharged until 2013, he is still rated highly both in Korea and the rest of the world, with fan bases in almost every country that has been touched by the Hallyu Wave. 
I am a member of the great CloudUSA site.  They are doing a marvelous job of promoting Rain's activities both before and during his time in the military.  Please follow this link and join the ladies at CloudUSA and have fun.

I added words to the above image of Rain.  He looks so relaxed and just waiting for me to come home to him.  But heck, that ain't gonna happen cos I am happily married.  But all you single ladies out there have a chance.  He is still single and approaching 30.

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