Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Hanbok - So elegant...I want one!

I have come across several sites that sell Hanbok.   I love how elegant they are and at the same time making the wearer look tall and slim.  Amazingly it also covers the ugliness of growing old.. Yes, you guessed it....the tummy bulges!  But let's not ruin the image above.  Korean women are very beautiful and elegant and this is the perfect dress to show off grace and poise. 
I once had a doll given to me by an old boyfriend.  At the time I didnt know it was Korean but looking back on my memories I realised it was a Korean doll.  I have been searching the internet for the exact doll but still no luck.....just wanted something from my past to pass on to my grandkids.  Back then dolls were well made....these days they dont last 5 minutes and look more like hookers than a child's plaything.  
OK, it's my dream to one day own a Hanbok.  Here is a link to one of the sites I have been looking at
They also sell Chinese dresses.  I have always wanted to wear one of those but not the shiny red ones.  I have seen elegant ones made for mature women and may go for one of those.

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