Sunday, 1 July 2012

Film: The Good, the Bad and the Wierd

This 2008 South Korean Western is full of thrills and spills and Lee Byung-Hun.  No wonder this guy was in GI Joe as he is a real action hero. 

The Plot  (thanks Wiki)

In the desert wilderness of 1930s Manchuria, The Bad (Lee Byung-hun) - a bandit and hitman - is hired to acquire a treasure map from a Japanese official traveling by train. Before he can get it however, The Weird (Song Kang-ho) - a thief (Honghuzi) - steals the map and is caught up in The Bad's derailment of the train. This involves the slaughter of the Japanese and Manchurian guards, and various civilians. The Good (Jung Woo-sung) - an eagle-eyed bounty hunter - appears on the scene to claim the bounty on The Bad. Meanwhile The Weird escapes, eluding his Good and Bad pursuers. A third force - a group of Manchurian bandits - also want the map to sell to the Ghost Market. The Weird hopes to uncover the map's secrets and recover what he believes is gold and riches buried by the Qing Dynasty just before the collapse of their government. As the story continues, an escalating battle for the map occurs, with bounties placed on heads and the Imperial Japanese Army racing to reclaim its map as it can apparently "save the Japanese Empire".
After a series of graphic shoot-outs and chases, a final battle erupts in which the Japanese army, Manchurian bandits, The Good, The Bad and his gang are chasing The Weird all at once. The Japanese army kills most of the bandits. The Good kills many Japanese soldiers and sets off an explosion that drives them away. The Bad's gang is slowly killed off and he kills those that attempt to leave the chase. Only the Bad, the Weird and the Good make it to the "treasure". However, they find that it is nothing more than a boarded-over hole in the desert. The Bad recognizes The Weird as the "Finger Chopper" - a criminal that cut off his finger in a knife fight five years ago - and the man that the Good had thought the Bad to be. Turning on each other in a final act of vengeance for the slights they suffered, they finally gun each other down after a prolonged Mexican standoff. The three lay in the sand, dying and alone, as the "useless hole" they had fought and died for suddenly and belatedly erupts with a geyser of crude oil. The Good does survive along with the Weird. With a newly raised bounty on the Weird, a new chase begins as he flees across the Manchurian desert.

I have seen the cover for this video so many times but have never watched it.....but here is the trailer below and the wiki link.  Have you see this movie?  If so what are your views?,_the_Bad,_the_Weird

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